looking for a 1 day a week-ish job 🎯

Posted on May 31, 2022
tl;dr: get in touch if something comes to mind

Hey, I am looking for a one day a week job in arts/games/charity-work/idk what else. I used to run OUTPUT gallery alongside my work at The White Pube but I had to leave OUTPUT when I got Long Covid. I can’t go back to that job - it’s just too physical. I’m not 100% recovered but I’ve got enough life back in me to pick up a second job so I thought I’d write this blog post. As a freelancer, I would like something straightforward to slot into my week. It would be great if it was on a fixed day every week because honestly I am craving a bit of structure. But it would also be good if there was some leeway because this work wasn’t life or death, ie. if I can’t work my usual regular Friday because Long Covid has spontaneously knocked me over, I can do it on the Saturday instead. I feel like that is a bad thing to say up front but fwiw, my health is much more stable now. Occassionally I do still have a bad day and I don’t want that to be a secret.

As for the field of work I’m looking for: I have most experience and expertise in writing and editing, I have been working in the art world for years now and can do plenty of art shit, got a lot of transferrable skills relevant for the community side of games, and I’ve missed how meaningful my life felt when I was doing outreach work for charities so something like that could be good as well. But I’m easy. If you know the work I do and have something in mind, get in touch.

My email address is gabrielle@gdlp.co.uk and my Twitter is @GDLP__ if you wanna talk there instead.

I would really appreciate your help. I have been so out of it since getting sick but I’m back open for business and I would like to find a 2nd job to support my income but also add some variety back into my life after a weirdo year. I don’t know if putting a blog post up like this is insane but I have a feeling it will work.