The Haven of Aves 🦢

Posted on Dec 7, 2021
tl;dr: liverpool but it's a dystopian avian future ~

Earlier this year, David Blandy invited me to write a supplement for his TTRPG series Lost Eons. This is the result:

Find The Haven of Aves here:

‘A setting for LOST EONS based in a future Liverpool, an avian world of haves and have-nots. Featuring Art by Harriet Burns and a short story by Gabrielle de la Puente, enter a future world of water, misery and defiance.

Working with students at the Liverpool School of Art and Design at Liverpool John Moores University, Gabrielle de la Puente and David Blandy have created a future vision of Liverpool after climate collapse, that eerily echoes our own.

LOST EONS is solarpunk sci-fantasy. In Lost Eons you will emerge from the darkness into a new light, one dominated by inscrutable and terrible forces you must seek to understand. Using this guide create a post-human character in the Aves setting, ready to face the mysteries and dangers of a far future Earth.’

real review

real review

Now that all the official info is up, I can add my p.s. which is that I really enjoyed doing this. Over 2021 I wanted to try out different kinds of writing and then David invited me to do this. The workshop we ran with students was only a few weeks after I first got sick, so I was on Zoom in bed, camera off and just listening along trying to ready myself to synthesise the conversation into a game. The original workshop convo was a little bit more explicitly geared towards these vampire Liver bird creatures, who ended up turning into the more subtle Cygnus. And then I went from there, thinking about who existed underneath them, where, how, in what state. The Mortem filled that role and then the Maristi lightened everything so the Haven wasn’t totally miserable. I mention the context to thank the students because I was so dead that day, and to thank David for his patience while I got the story together. Harriet Burns’ artwork just nailed the whole vision - my first time commissioning someone to illustrate writing I’d done. Looooved it. Nice way to end 2021! If you play, I hope you enjoy it.