hello from a residency in Cobh 🇮🇪

Posted on Dec 13, 2022
tl;dr: writing a book in the basement of Sirius Arts Centre

The White Pube is currently in residency in Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, County Cork, Ireland. It’s our first official live-in residency in 7 years. We’re here for 16 whole days. It’s been very, very productive so far.

We’re writing a book at the moment, which is something I cannot speak about in earnest because of other people’s marketing timelines. But that is why we are here. Director Miguel Amado, who we’ve known for years now, got in touch to ask if there was any way Sirius might be able to support us at the moment – not knowing about the book panic we were feeling. Living in two different cities to run TWP is fine but living in two different cities to write a TWP book is not. Miguel very kindly invited us over to do a residency so we could get to work.

We did a panel talk with Miguel and Georgia Perkins, tracing our beginnings and our changing relationships with institutional criticism over the 7 years we’ve been working.

Sirius Arts Centre is in a very nice building

Been meeting artists, falling in love with Ireland, walking up and down the quay, and making friends with the local cafe staff. We’re about to book flights to come back in March so we can incubate and stay on top of book-writing, but carry on building a relationship with Co. Cork :) very grateful for everything on this blog post, just wanted to make sure my thank yous were online somewhere.