Real Review 📚

Posted on Dec 4, 2021
tl;dr: the text itself isnt here, you gotta buy it soz

I was invited to write about Long Covid for the Spring 2021 edition of Real Review. It was exciting because the Pope wrote something in the issue before me. I decided to look at all my symptoms, and reflect on how much my life had changed. It was the first time I’d sat down to write about LC and LC only, and it killed me to do so. At first, I actually regretted writing this because I haaaadn’t quite wanted to deal with how big of a change this had been for me. But looking back, I’m glad it’s there. I’m glad I have these different bits of writing to track the year so far. Even if I have better words now, I have the first words there too, recorded, naive and sad. Anyway, here is the link and here’s a picture of the issue too. I was due to be in the summer issue but they wanted to bring my text forward (nice) except because it was a last minute change, my name accidentally got left off the list of authors on the back (bad) so you just gotta believe I’m in there lol.

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