london fashion week coverage of Moncler's Art of Genius 💃🏻

Posted on Feb 22, 2023
tl;dr: did some art/fashion coverage for Dazed

I can’t really drop a picture here to make it more interesting because the work we did was as ephermal as the subject, so you’re just gonna have to believe me: in a funny turn of events, Dazed invited The White Pube to do an Instagram takeover at Moncler’s Art of Genius event in the Olympia, LDN. We don’t… do fashion. But the event was like a massive exhibition. 10(??) (man I’m so tired i can’t remember) co-created collections were revealed for London Fashion Week in the form of installations rather than catwalk shows. We were brought in to do some art interpretation. It was a fun, mad night. Rick Owens put his arm around my shoulder and I thought he was Nick Cave. I am so good with celebrities because I literally do not recognise them. The takeover was fun tho and I hope we get invited back to do more if the fashion world ever does big mad exhibitions again xxxxx