I've started a new column for Elephant 🐘

Posted on Dec 8, 2023
tl;dr: a column about Culture at Home

As The White Pube, we used to write an advice column for Elephant. Elephant changed hands, the column got cut, and then we got a message from the new team asking if we wanted to pick it back up again. I think we were both dishing out advice. There’s only so much we know. So, we had a think about things we would genuinely like to do and I proposed an individual column about Culture at Home. My time as a critic is split between the 2015-2020 era of being an international critic who was flying all over the place to see stuff, versus 2021-present, being a chronically ill critic who is almost always in the house. I have continued writing but I’ve never consciously said, this is all I can write about. In this new column, I am doing exactly that. Column #1 is about Lærke Bagger’s book Close Knit. I’ve gotten really really really really really really really really into knitting this year, and Bagger’s book is one of those culture-things I have been able to fully appreciate without going outside. So here ya go.

Read the first column on Knitting on Elephant’s site here


I don’t know when number #2 is coming out. The idea here is less /strict schedule/ and more /this is what I can do, when I can do it/ as per the rules of my 2023 body.

If you have something home-situated you would like me to write about, please send me a message and I can consider it :-))))