Instalments 2 and 3 of my column 🐘

Posted on Jan 11, 2024
tl;dr: on a festival in a box & an illegal youtuber

At the end of 2023, I began writing a column for Elephant called Culture at Home. The first instalment was on knitting and Lærke Bagger’s book Close Knit. The second instalment went up in December, and it was on Photowork’s Festival in a Box project. Aaand I just checked back today to see the third text is up now too. The third one is on a Youtuber called shiey who takes himself places he’s not supposed to, and posts the evidence online.

Time to write no.4

And also: I found a job from now until April so thank you to the universe (of freelancers I know) and if the universe (of freelancers I know) wants to give me a job beyond April, then the universe (of freelancers I know) knows where to find me. besos xxxxxx