publishing a pamphlet with Rough Trade Books 🍾

Posted on Jul 27, 2023
tl;dr: please order a copy and then tell me you've ordered one so I can relax

in summer 2022, I published a 6k word review about a twitter account called Chaotic Nightclub Photos. I didn’t have much time to write it but I had fun. And then after I’d had my fun, Rough Trade Books got in touch asking if I would like to write a longer version as a part of their upcoming nightlife series. Yes pleaseee. More time to figure out what I wanted to say, more opportunity to put Gossip and Art History in there. It’s 11K words now and it’s much, much better. So I took the original text down from The White Pube website and podcast, and the only way to get the goods is to click on this link where you can buy the new Β£7.99 pamphlet with all the goods inside it:


I just want to say thank you to Nina from Rough Trade for encouraging this behaviour :)

This is what it looks like - - >

Chaotic Nightclub Photos: The Review