I was on a BAFTA jury 🎮

Posted on Mar 30, 2023
tl;dr: hard but good but hard

I was on the 2023 jury for the BAFTA Game Awards for the Multiplayer category. I am very glad Elden Ring won. Chaotic choice in the eyes of some people, but I think it was doing the most to advance the multiplayer genre. ‘You need help and you can have help but only at great, finicky, risky cost’ was so in keeping with the game’s narrative and challenge level. I was including the gamer-to-gamer peer-to-peer world that exists outside of a game, as well as the co-op that happens inside, and there’s no way I could have come to enjoy Elden Ring as much as I did without the player-built knowledge base around it. And I love that!