Interviewed Alison Rumfitt at the Handyman

Posted on Oct 19, 2023
tl;dr: it was funnier than I expected

Last night, I interviewed Alison Rumfitt to help promo the launch of her 2nd novel Brainwyrms. I’ve asked the event hosts Dead Ink Bookshop to make the recording available, and I’ll link that here once it’s up. But it was a good chat. Lots of laughs considering the extreme social horror category of her subject matter. I only asked her half the questions I had prepared because we got so deeply into the Internet as a setting, as inspiration, as a traumatising entity, and as a place that generates endless language for writers to work with. But you really have to overprepare for jobs like this.

As per uzj, here are some photos of me at work. One day I’m going to be able to look back at this website as a nice record of everything I did work-wise:

sold out gig

my hair is looking shiny atm, cool