in conversation with Abi Palmer ☔️

Posted on Mar 23, 2023
tl;dr: talking chronic illnesses, cats, and embodied criticism

You can watch the captioned chat here:

“Abi Palmer Invents the Weather is a series of four short films made by the artist Abi Palmer in collaboration with her two cats Cha-u-Kao and Lola Lola. These films premiere online on subsequent Thursday mornings in March and are followed each evening by a live talk show held between Palmer and special guests. For the third episode of The Weather, Abi Palmer will be joined by writer Gabrielle de la Puente to discuss rest, isolation, and animal companionship.”

Thank you Abi + Art Angel for having me! I’ve been really enjoying the main video pieces so it was an honour to be a guest in one of the four chats. Love the production, the homeliness, the access intimacy, and wish more artists came out in costume.

I currently have COVID and will be living from bed-land for the foreseeable because it’s taken its toll. Had to cancel a 4 week residency to Ireland but didn’t cancel this because I could do it from bed. This is a good example of my current state which is: Asleep Body, Awake Head 😵‍💫