a beautiful staircase ✨

Posted on Dec 17, 2021
tl;dr: a beautiful hour of game sounds


Community Radio Tbilisi presents a monthly radio show A Beautiful Staircase in an Abandoned Building (ABSAB) by Ben Tupper, that explores the soundtracks of video games across various genres and console platforms. Each month, ABSAB features cuts of video game soundtracks curated around various cultural themes and selected by a guest artist with an affiliation for or working within video game culture. Video game soundtracks can be particularly unique in how they generate associations between memory, space and affect. With these associations in mind, ABSAB aims to provide a platform where guests and listeners can use the collected musical fragments of virtual worlds to explore the ‘real’ phenomena of our material world.

the mix itself: https://soundcloud.com/communityradiotbilisi/a-beautiful-staircase-in-an-abandoned-building-feat-gabrielle-de-la-puente

I put together a list of sounds and music from games that I’ve really enjoyed, and Ben put everything together for me! It’s all on the second half of this, but i’d recommend listening to the full thing for a lovely hour :)

Thanks Ben for the invitation > https://soundcloud.com/communityradiotbilisi

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