Posted on Jun 17, 2023

My name is Gabrielle de la Puente b.94, Liverpool 📍 (puente pronounced pwen-tay. she/her)

I am a writer. My book Poor Artists is coming out October 3rd!

I co-run The White Pube with Zarina Muhammad where we publish criticism on art, video games, films, books, theatre and all the culture that gets on our nerves (for better or worse). We share reviews in text, audio and video.

We also run a Successful Funding Application Library and a Working Class Creatives Grant. We think broadly about how we can make a better art world for everybody (one that is fair, accessible, and a lot more affordable). The White Pube is funded by its readers on Patreon, Kofi and Paypal.

🆕 Alongside The White Pube, I write a column for Elephant Magazine called Culture at Home.

I also teach, edit, mentor, chair talks, consult for arts organisations, select on open calls and prizes, discuss art and games, and do general cultural stuff like that.

In a not too distant past life, I also used to be a curator. I launched OUTPUT gallery in 2018, a space in Liverpool City Centre that works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. I had to leave this job in 2021 when I got Long Covid -> now POTS.


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alive and kicking in june '23

can’t believe I’m the most beautiful clever critic in the whole wide world